Weed Killer Buying Guide

Weed Killer Buying Guide

Weeds are very bad in many ways. They take away nutrition from the soil and put our plants in negative growing condition due to the limit of sunlight. There are weeds with tiny prickles that can make you suffer from terrible allergies or skin problems. Overall, if we do not take any action to kill them and let them grow naturally, the result will be unpredictable. There are many ways to kill weeds, one of the most useful method is using weeds killers. I will you show in this Weed Killer Buying Guide.

What we have in this Weed Killer Buying Guide?

Making the right decision to buy the right weed killer not only depends on how much you understand the products, it also depends on other factors such as where to buy (online vs in-store) and when to buy (on-season vs off-season), or which type of grass and weeds you want to kill.

Debate between weed killer concentrate and weed killer ready-to-spray bottle.

Weed killer concentrate

Concentrate weed killerWeed kill concentrates come in a form of substance that has the majority of base components. You will have to prepare a dedicated watering can and dilute the concentrate in water to have the correct solution. With only 1 gallon container, you can mix up to 85 gallons of available weeds killer to treat over 25,000 sq. ft. The price of these kinds of weed killer are not expensive, they usually range between $20 and $30 a gallon. The bigger one you buy the better deal you have.

Concentrated weed killer is quite dangerous because of the condensed chemicals it contains. You should follow safety instruction very carefully when diluting the concentrate in water.

Ready-to-spray weed killer

Spray BottleGenerally, this type of weed killer works just like any other type of concentrated ones except it eliminates the mixing process entirely. There is no doubt about its effectiveness that you need to worry about.

All the things that makes ready-to-spray weed killer different from the others are the prices and how to use the products. With this convenient form of weed killer, everything you need to do is open the package and use it right away. That is why most people prefer this type of product for small areas application.

In addition, ready-to-spray bottle is less dangerous than the concentrated solution because its formula is sterile with basically no probability of contamination. Other disadvantages of ready-to-spray weed killers are the higher in pricing and the fact they only come in 32 oz. to 1 gallon.

Organic and Inorganic

Organic weed killer is made from naturally occurring chemicals and inorganic weed killer is made by synthetically chemicals produced in labs. Overall, each kind has its own benefits.

Weed Killer Classification The Organic and Inorganic herbicides

Organic weed killers

Inorganic weed killers

Originmade from natural chemicals.produced in labs by human .
How they workBurn off waxy cuticles which help plant cells to maintain water and prevent dehydration.The chemicals will burn leaves and roots with plasmolysis borates salts and make plant cells dry off.
Pros– Safe for users and the environment.

– Wash off easily when sprayed on veggies.

– Do no harm to soil and other plant in the sprayed area.

– Be able to kill many different kinds of weed and grass.

– Quick result.

– Work effectively with only 1 or 2 times of using.

Cons– Quite expensive for commercial crop production.

– Sometimes not strong enough to kill mature weeds and grass.

– The result depends on how the chemicals cover the weed so it is only effective when being sprayed with a high volume.

– Very dangerous when ingest.

– It cannot be cleared completely with water no matter how many times you wash your veggies.

– It will get into the soil and  affect all the nearby plants.

User preferences– Suitable for people who are highly aware of their safety and environment problem.

– A good choice for people who just want to kill a small number of weeds in their garden.

– Suitable for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

– Necessary for whoever wants to eliminate all the weeds and grass quickly

EffectivenessLess effectiveMore effective

In real life, when it comes to these 2 kinds of weeds killers, people usually choose inorganic weed killer because it is much cheaper than the organic one. Some people even decide to make their own organic herbicide right at home to save more money simple ingredients.

What type of weeds you want to eliminate

After you have a certain knowledge about the market of weed killers that are available out there, you need to identify which types of weeds and grass you want to kill in order to pick the right product you need.

There are so many kinds of unwanted weeds but you will see that there are about more than 10 common kinds of them. Identifying them is a very important thing that will contribute to eradicate them effectively with a suitable weed killer.

Generally, to identify the weeds, you will need to look at their appearances.

Check out this post to see more information, photo, and how to take care of these weeds in details.

Type of weed


Where it grows


Control tip

DandelionBroadleaf perennial12 inches tall, 6-15 inches widesunny or shady landscape– Strong taproot; deeply notched leaves.

– Yellow flowers turn into puffballs

– Mulch the garden for preventing it from growing

– Pull them by hands or use a post-emergence herbicide

OxalisBroadleaf perennial20 inches tallsunny or shady landscape– Green leaves that look like cup-shape yellow flowers in summer and fall– Mulch the garden for preventing it from growing

– Pull them by hands or use a post-emergence weed killer

CrabgrassGrassy annual18 inches tall and 20 inches widesunny or shady landscape– Grassy weeds

– Roots grow everywhere and spread out quickly

– Use a pre-emergence herbicide

– Spot-treat with a nonselective post-emergence weed killer.

BindweedBroadleaf perennialClimbs at least 6 feetonly the garden or landscape area in sun– Twining body surrounded by arrow-shape leavesContinuously chop down the growing weeds or use post-emergence weed killer
NutsedgeGrassy perennial2 feet tall,1 foot wideareas with moist soilShiny, grassy leaves– Use post-emergence weed killer that contains MSMA
Creeping CharlieBroadleaf perennial4 inches tall, a few feet wideShady areascover the ground with scalloped leaves, purple flowers in late spring


– Pull by hand or use post-emergence weed killer in spring and fall.
HenbitBroadleaf annual12 inches tall and widelawn areas in sun or shadelow plant

purple flowers, scallop-edge leaves

pull by hand or use pre-emergence weed killer in spring
PigweedBroadleaf annual6 feet tall, 2 feet wideSunny areasa tall plant with a taproot, hairy-looking clusters of green flowersuse pre-emergence weed killer in spring t prevent or spray with post-emergence weed killer to kill
Poison ivyBroadleaf perennial15 feet tall and widesunny or shady areasclusters of green berries, vine, shrub, leaves divided into 3 leaflets.use deep layers of mulch or spray with a weed killer.

When and where to find the best deal

Last but not least, when and where to buy the products is very important. Coming to a right place at a right time will help you find the best deal with.


Where to buy shop for the best deal? Is it online shopping or in-store shopping? Some might argue that online shopping is more beneficial than in-store shopping. It’s actually not always true. Sometimes, best deals only available in-store and sometimes, they don’t even announce it online. Also, so many people choose to go to local stores to experience themselves the products they are buying. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.




Advantages– You can physically touch the products and inspect them carefully before buying.

– Sometime, employees who work at the shop are the best experts to ask for advice and recommendation.

– No shipping time. Pick up and use right away.

– It’s very convenient and time-saving for you to stay at home and buy the products that you want.

– 24/7 available and the websites can be accessed from anywhere using any devices.

– It is very fast to find the product you want with a searching tool.

– Be able to read user reviews from real people who bought and used the products.


Disadvantages– It may take you a lot of time to find out the product you really want to buy.

– Waiting line for check out.

– Some special occasions are very chaotic when many people want to get a good deal at the same time.

– Internet could be a dangerous place for many people. It comes with scammers and hackers that are ready to get your information and identity.

– The shipping time is way far worse than queuing checkout lines.

– Sometimes, you end up paying much more than its actual price due to shipping & handling cost.


Whether you choose online shopping or in-store shopping, be sure to consider all the advantages and disadvantages. Be a smart consumer and careful before buying anything.

When to buy a product: on-season or off-season

The time you decide to buy a weed killer is also very important. It’s true that you can almost buy anything at any time these days, but waiting for the right time will help you get a better deal.

Overall, there are 2 main periods of time such as on-season and off-season.


At this time of year, store will restock the old products and put on new products on the shelves. Usually they’ll start doing this in early spring. You will have plenty of choices but there is hardly anything on sale.


This period is usually in winter when the demands are lowest. At a result, prices fall down as stores want to get rid of their stocks to cut down budget for the next months. It is very easy to find a good deal to store for next year. It seems to be a smart choice if you know exactly what you need.


Choosing a weed killer could be very frustrating because you don’t know where to start and there are so many things to consider before buying. Hopefully everything mentioned above will ease your pain a little bit and help you choose the best weed killer that fit your needs.

As always, thank you for your time. Don’t forget to press like and share if you find this weed killer buying guide useful. Leave comment if you have any question.

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