The benefits of having weeds in the garden

Benefits of weed

Whether you have a lawn or a garden, weed is always an issue. Most people think that weeds are harmful and needed to be removed. However, the truth is opposite. Weeds, in some situations, can be very beneficial. Today, we will talk about useful benefits of weeds as well as the toxic kinds that you need to keep away.

The benefits of weeds

Having weeds in your garden is no longer a trouble because sometimes it can be advantageous for the garden. Experts in this field identified that weeds help withholding water and pulling more nutrients from the depth of the soil, making them available for the plants and the microbes.

Apart from bringing water and nutrients, some kinds of weeds have the ability to prevent compaction, hardpans, and controlling erosion. Soil is no different than living things, if we exploit it too much, it will dry out and die. Therefore, weeds make a great contribution to increasing organic matters in the soil.

The nutritious values

Scientists have proved that weeds can bring a wide range of advantages for the garden as well as animals in terms of nutritious values. According to the research of the scientist who names is Jessica A, weeds consist of a larger amount of vitamins and minerals. Winter weeds are usually the best of all kinds.

Take pennycress and the alfalfa weed as the great illustration with regard to the nutritious values. These plants are very advantageous for the chickens. We can take the chickweed as a good example. This type of the weed is the wild edible yearly which grow in various locations. There is also a wide range of the beneficial weeds, including the wild violets, the yarrow, the wild strawberry, the wild Carolina geranium, the wild carrots, the smartweed, the shiny cudweed, and the purslane.

Wild StrawberryThe wild strawberry can be a good treatment for a wide range of sicknesses such as the chronic hepatitis, the cirrhosis and the hepatitis. The wild strawberry can help to avoid the diabetes, the high cholesterol levels, the arteriosclerosis, and the goutiness.

Apart from above weeds, the wild carrot can provide the vitamin A, and C. Moreover, it also helps you have more energy for the next working days. The last plant is the purslane which has more omega 3 fatty acids. This weed can be a good choice for the vegetarian who doesn’t eat the animal products. Furthermore, it also is an excellent source of the vitamin A that has the ability of preventing the antioxidant. It also is rich in vitamin C and B.

Toxic weeds

There are many weeds that are good for people or animals in terms of the nutritious medical value. However, apart from the beneficial weeds, there also remain some kinds of toxic weeds which can put both human and animal in the danger as follow:

  • The calamitous castor bean plant: this weed usually grows in the United States. According to the studies, the calamitous castor bean plant has the ability to kill a person by its toxic in a short time. The calamitous bean plant was listed in the Guinness World Records as the most poisonous plant in all over the world. This bean is dangerous because of the ricin presence. There are some symptom of the overdosing in the ricin as diarrhea, hypotension, seizures and tachycardia.
  • The secretive spurge laurel: this weed is a kind of woodland plant that can be seen in the European countries. Leaves or fruits contain mezerein which is very dangerous for the human.
  • The deceptive rosary pea plant: Scientists usually consider this weed as the most dangerous plant in the world. You need to remove it immediately if you see it hanging around. The poison of the deceptive rosary pea plant can put human in danger or even death. The seed of the deceptive rosary pea plant has the abrin which is a relative of the ricin as well as the most fatal toxins in the world.
  • Water Hemlock PlantThe water hemlock plant: The sap from this plant can cause a horrible death to whomever consume it. The water hemlock plant is one of three members of the genus that includes the cicutoxin. This toxic can has the stimulatory effects on the central nervous system. Generally speaking, this weed is a highly poisonous plant in comparison with other weeds.

In the nutshell, in some situations, weeds can bring a large number of advantages for people with regard of the foods, and medicine. Although benefits of weeds, it also encompasses some shortcomings which can be dangerous for the human’s life. People should be aware of these toxic weeds to protect themselves from the adverse influences.

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